Love eating non-veg food but concerned about the quality of meat? Don’t Worry! Brinda’s is here to serve you dishes made with clean meat.  We provide you high quality Halal food which is absolutely pure and meets all the strict standards. We follow comprehensive and stringent procedures before selecting the meat for our dishes. We serve a wide variety of delicious Indian, Peranakan and Western dishes made with only Halal meat. Being a certified Halal food supplier, we do not only meet the standards to follow religious rules but for high level of food safety control.

It does not matter whether you are a Muslim or not, our food is suitable for all. We are one of Singapore’s leading food catering service providers in Singapore. We provide western halal food with quality spices and masala. Also, bento delivery is available all over Singapore. We offer buffet and mini buffet catering services. Apart from providing you quality food, we take care of your health. Any of our dishes do not contain any MSG. We maintain the highest quality in cleanliness of our surroundings. Give us a chance to delight your senses with our amazing and numerous non veg dishes. Call us now 1800 2746327














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